Roger Laing | Newspapers
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Originally trained as a newspaper journalist, I have written for most of the national newspapers in England. The range of topics has been as varied as the newspapers, covering everything from rioting medical students to drunken goldfish, taking in national disasters, politics, finance, travel, business and showbusiness. Sadly, many of the cuttings were (accidentally) thrown out in one house move, but here are some that survived…

Daily Mail / Blazing Riot Hits Cannes


“Riot police came under a hail of firecrackers, smoke bombs and bags of artificial blood on the boulevards where the beautiful people usually attract all the attention.”

Independent on Sunday / Detective stalks corridors of industry

“Assuming the role of the Hercule Poirot of the factory floor, Sir John will be looking at six different companies – all facing crucial decisions.”


Daily Mail / Dead fish leave Chaka with a chip


“The galaxy of stars planned for the final night of the San Remo Music Festival weren’t twinkling quite as they should have been.”

Liverpool Echo / Requiem for John Lennon

“Even though Lennon was killed half a world away, in death, as in life, he brought importance and attention to Liverpool.”